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The years I spent in Costa Rica and Mexico brought colors to my art. I named my style PURA VIDA. I love colors and the smiles of those who like my paintings.

My grandpa always wanted me to travel and speak at least 10 languages.

But I was afraid to even go to Prague on my own; I was scared of loneliness and of getting lost. I was scared to dream about what the world looks like elsewhere. I saw everything in black and white. One day, however, when I heard about Miami Beach, which sounded magical to me at the time, I quit thinking of fear and started to dream. It started innocently.

America, dollars, and a veeeery hard work.

Lots of tears… Fortunately, some of them were also tears of joy.

It started in Miami Beach.

And it didn’t end in Miami. 

Costa Rica.

I have seen, heard, and lived through a lot. One day rich, the next without a home.

I ate what TICOS ate, I spoke like a TICA, and for my birthday they sang MARIACHI to me. (Note: MARIACHI is supposed to have come to Mexico and Central America from our country.)

I was proud to do circuit racing in a Škoda car. I wrecked several cars. And I taught Costa Rican girls to drive a car on a racing circuit. I saw that driving a car, which we consider natural, could on the other side of the earth mean:


And all this only to return one day. And I was relieved when I realized that I still got Czech jokes. And that it was time to continue on. Here, where I was born.

Those 12 years brought COLORS into my life.

This is how I see it. Thank you for watching.