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My portfolio

Paintings, sketches, decorations, and interiors. Everything I create can be found in this portfolio. Petruccya

New events are taking place all the time, new things are being created. Everything I create fulfills this constant dream I am living. I would like to thank to all of you who support me. It’s really cool when I can do what I enjoy. Pura Vida!!! The years I spent in Costa Rica and Mexico brought colors to my art. I named my style PURA VIDA. I love colors and the smiles of those who like my paintings. Only rarely can you see me without a pen, brush, felt tips, or notepad.

Hand lettering

Hand lettering for personal project Petruccya:365

Pattern design for kids

Pattern design for kids

Movie poster - Terryho ponožky

Illustration, graphic design

Acro - daily planner

Illustration, cover design.

Le Petit Café

Logo design, illustration, decoration.

Mr.Ňousek - baby products

Mr.Ňousek - character design, illustration

The ONE - watch collection

Design for a compatition Watch the WATCH